Delicious or disgusting? See how McDonald's McRib sandwich is created

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Monday, November 3, 2014
In a new YouTube video, McDonald's sheds light on how the patties in the McRib sandwich are created.
McDonald's / YouTube

In a post "Super Size Me" and "Fast Food Nation" world, McDonald's has become the primary bully pulpit for criticism directed at the fast food industry. But the Golden Arches recently released a video shedding light the manufacturing process behind their popular McRib sandwich. And frankly, it's something worth watching.

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In the video seen above, high school teacher Wes Bellamy gets a tour of Lopez Foods, a pork processing plant in Oklahoma City that has been supplying a McDonald's with meat for over 25 years. Bellamy is notable for posting a photo last year online of what was supposedly a frozen McRib patty, noting that the food looked disgusting.

"I was encouraging everyone never to eat anything from McDonald's ever again," Bellamy says in the video. Bellamy though meets several officials from Lopez Foods and tours the factory where McRib is made, where he finally eats a McRib sandwich created straight off of the processing line.

The video was made as part of a marketing campaign launched this past month by McDonald's. But regardless if you're a big fast food fan or not, it is pretty mesmerizing to watch the process behind creating the McRib.