Retired SoCal veteran celebrates 20 years as Meals on Wheels volunteer

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Saturday, May 21, 2022
SoCal vet serves community as Meals on Wheels volunteer
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Jim Dwyer is a veteran and longtime volunteer with Meals on Wheels in Westminster. He's proud to provide food, comfort and companionship to those in need.

WESTMINSTER, Calif. (KABC) -- Jim Dwyer once served his country in the United States Air Force. Now that he is retired, he is still serving his country. This time it's through serving meals to those who truly need it.

Every Thursday, Dwyer starts his day at Meals on Wheels in Westminster, picking up eight hot plates and delivering the nutritious meals to older adults.

"You know it's just the ability to help people that are shut in, and not able to get out on their own. It's something I get satisfaction from. And who knows? Maybe someday I might need this help to," said Dwyer. "It's only one day a week and a couple of hours of my time, and I came down signed up and they've kept me now for 20 years."

Dwyer was inspired to join Meals on Wheels during his efforts to make sure his elderly parents had hot meals to eat.

"I saw on TV here in Westminster that they were looking for drivers for Meals on Wheels, and I said I can go do that," said Dwyer.

His effort to continue serving his fellow Americans, as he did in the military, is appreciated. The meals bring smiles to the faces of those getting a nutritious plate.

"Jim is great. He is one of our volunteers that has been committed for a long time," said Darla Olson of Meals on Wheels.

The food deliveries insure those getting Meals on Wheels don't go hungry. However, it also provides them inspiration just knowing people care.

"This provides a much needed service to the community, and hopefully a lot of people know about it. If they have elderly folks who want to stay in their home, they'll still be able to get them some nutritional food," said Dwyer.