Dozens of flights canceled over Memorial Day weekend in SoCal amid high gas prices, soaring airfares

LOS ANGELES (KABC) -- It has been a frustrating Memorial Day weekend for travelers. People trying to get away for the holiday are dealing with record-high gas prices, soaring airfares, and flight cancellations.

In just 24 hours, dozens of flights were canceled at LAX this holiday weekend, along with thousands nationwide.

Among airlines, Delta has seen the most cancellations since Friday -- canceling 240 flights on Saturday alone.

The airline blames bad weather and what it called "air traffic control actions."

And while poor weather might be keeping those planes on the ground, flight prices are soaring.

Airfare prices are up 45% more than they were a year ago, according to Hopper.

"Over the past weeks I've been putting aside more money and I've been looking online every day," said Calvin who is flying to his destination. "Hopefully you catch the best flight."

But not everyone is traveling by plane on Memorial Day weekend. More than 2.5 million Southern California residents will be behind the wheel according to AAA. And gas prices are climbing too.

"The gas prices are insane. And I know my dad moved to Georgia and he's paying over two dollars less a gallon than we're paying here," said Randy Montgomery who is traveling by car. "So I know the gas prices are high all over the country but he's paying four something by his house outside of Atlanta."

Los Angeles County hit a record high Saturday. The average price per gallon is $6.13, which is already three cents higher than the average price last week.

"Someone with a typical mid-size sedan with a 14-gallon sized fuel tank, they're paying more than $26 to fill up that same tank of gas today than last Memorial Day weekend," said AAA spokesperson Doug Shupe.

AAA says auto travel is up 5% this year, and advises drivers to leave as early as possible Monday morning to beat that Memorial Day traffic.
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