Street artists paint mental health awareness message

HOLLYWOOD (KABC) -- A street artist that goes by the name TrustyScribe and an art duo known as The Postman recently revealed their new mural in Hollywood.

The Postman, originally from Brighton, U.K., created the Robin Williams image. TrustyScribe created the speech bubble and painted the background.

"Throughout my life, I've sort of struggled with depression. So we created this work, playing with the themes of love and depression and mental health," said TrustyScribe.

TrustyScribe says his solo work is inspired by love and depression.

"Now that it's Mental Health Awareness Month, we did this piece that says 'Just because I'm smiling doesn't mean I'm happy.' A lot of people don't get that sometimes the happiest person in the room might appear to be happy but they're actually struggling with something," he said.

His drive comes from being able to help people not feel like they're alone when they're struggling with mental health.

"People are hurting and need something and we can create something that lets people know they're a little less alone," he said.
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