Watch out for coronavirus in your meth, police say in tongue-in-cheek post

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Friday, February 28, 2020

Police departments in Wisconsin and Texas are offering to test your meth for coronavirus.

Two departments each posted tongue-in-cheek PSAs on Facebook.

The Johnson City Police Department in Texas said they have reason to believe methamphetamine in Blanco County may be contaminated with the coronavirus.

They recommend those who have meth bring it in to the police department for testing. Or "If you prefer to keep your meth in the privacy of your own home" you can contact dispatch and they'll send an officer out to your home.

The Merrill Police Department in Wisconsin also offers to test the potentially tainted meth for free, no appointment necessary.

They also encourage Facebook users to spread the word.

The post has gone viral, with almost 6,000 shares.

After the initial post got such a strong reaction, the department provided a little more explanation:

"Just to give you some history, we have actually experienced people report their illegal drugs being stolen, being ripped off in a drug deal, being sold a look-a-like illegal substance, etc. We have even experienced drunk drivers coming to pick up arrested drunk drivers as their 'sober responsible party.' So this attempt, although a long shot, still had some possibility behind it. We will take those easy grabs at removing poison from our community whenever we can."