Violent brawl breaks out at Miami dog show

MIAMI (KABC) -- A violent brawl involving dozens of people broke out at a dog show in Miami.

Video from the scene shows people throwing punches, wrestling on the ground and tossing chairs as a voice over the loudspeaker calls for security.

It's not clear what started the fight. But an earlier video shows one organizer or employee of the event arguing with a group of people and shouting "I don't care what it is. There's no refunds" and then using profanity as the argument appeared to escalate.

Someone associated with the event also told the Miami Herald the brawl began with two women squabbling over something minor before things spiraled out of control.

The fight happened at the Oct. 23 Miami Bully Takeover event held near the Miami airport.

The Miami Herald reported that security guards eventually gained control of the crowd and no arrests were made.

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