Puppy who can't walk, friend of pigeon who can't fly, gets mini-wheelchair

Wednesday, February 26, 2020
Chihuahua puppy gets mini-wheelchair
An unlikely friendship helped one puppy get on his feet.

AMHERST, NH -- New Hampshire pet mobility company Walkin' Pets has donated a mini-wheelchair to a puppy unable to walk after a video of the puppy making friends with a pigeon unable to fly went viral.

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Herman the pigeon and Lundy the puppy formed an unlikely friendship, a chihuahua who cannot walk and a pigeon who cannot fly, WMUR reported.

The Mia Foundation, a rescue organization in Rochester, New York that rehabilitates animals with birth defects and physical deformities, brought the two together.

The foundation was sent a mini-wheelchair by Amherst-based Walkin' Pets. The wheelchair is small enough to fit the 2-pound puppy.

Now mobile and able to walk for the first time, Lundy is looking for his forever home. For adoption details, contact the Mia Foundation.

To donate to Walkin' Pets and help out animals like Lundy, visit HPETS.org.