San Francisco woman offers $7K reward, flies plane banner to find stolen dog

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Thursday, December 19, 2019
SF woman sparing no expense to find stolen dog
A miniature Australian Shepherd mix was stolen in front of Bernal Heights' The Good Life Grocery Store, Now the dog owner is sparing no expense to find her missing dog by posting flyers, setting up a website and even hiring an airplane to fly a banner.

SAN FRANCISCO -- On Saturday, Emilie Talermo left her dog tied up outside The Good Life Grocery store in Bernal Heights.

"It was five minutes and when I came outside he was gone," Talermo said about her five-year-old miniature Australian Shepherd named Jackson. "He's truly my whole life. He's a true family member."

Jackson is approximately 30 pounds and is black, white and grey colored with two blue eyes.

Security camera footage showed a man walking toward the bench where Jackson was tied up.

Talermo has tried everything to get Jackson back. On Sunday, she and her friends handed out hundreds of flyers and she even launched a website to donate money towards a reward on her GoFundMe account.

She raised her goal reward, to be given with no questions asked, "There's a cap of 7,000 dollars. The rest of the money goes to Rocket Dog Rescue," Talermo said.

Talermo's even got Jackson on the dating app Tinder, which has wide appeal among people her age.

"My dog is 49 years old on there," said Talermo. "He's actually just five, but I know that a five-year-old couldn't be on Tinder."

So far no luck, so now, Talermo is reaching new heights... literally.

She hired an airplane to fly a banner that cost her $1,200 -- -- it reads:

A Bay Area woman has hired an airplane to fly a banner, in hopes that it will help bring her stolen dog home.

"It wasn't cheap, but I'll do anything for my dog," Talermo shared.

And she's learned a lesson which she wants to share with dog owners, "No matter what on safe streets, busy streets in the life of a dog, please don't leave your dogs outside."

Konrad Dunton was vigilant when he left his dog tied outside the same grocery store.

"Yeah I had my eye on my dog just because I heard my neighbor talk about it as well."

Apparently the word's gotten out. But just in case, take another good look at Jackson and if you see him please call 307-413-7566. For live updates, follow Instagram - @emilie.talermo