Step into the colorful world of the Mosaic Tile House in Venice, CA

LOS ANGELES -- Artists Cheri Pan and Gonzalo Duran started turning their house into a mosaic of tiles in 1994 to liven up the exterior, and they haven't stopped adding tile since. Nearly the entire property is now covered in beautiful tile mosaics featuring a variety of themes and hidden objects.

"In the beginning, we did the path to the house as the yellow brick road, and from there, it just took off," said Duran.

Pan gives Duran credit for coming up with the ideas for their tile projects, including their newest addition, and Alice in Wonderland themed wall facing the side of the house. The new wall already features a 3-D caterpillar, rabbit hole, Queen of Hearts, and White Rabbit.

The duo claims it's easy to collaborate together on each of their projects. Once Duran has a new idea, he talks about it with Pan who is quick to approve. Pan said, "It's always easy for us to come to an agreement because I just think whatever he does is fantastic."

When working on a project, Pan and Duran make their own tile out of raw clay as an inexpensive alternative to buying tiles. Pan paints the tiles and glazes them in preparation for Duran to place the tiles.

"Putting the tile up there doesn't take long," said Duran.

There is so much to love about the tile house, Pan herself has a hard time identifying a favorite part. "Every time I come out to look at stuff, I fall in love with a different area," Pan said.

The Mosaic Tile House is an outpouring of Pan and Duran's passion for art that inspires visitors to follow their own passions. Pan said, "You can do a job for making money, but then you need a passion that keeps you alive to the world."

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