Firefighters who saved Mount Wilson Observatory from Bobcat Fire treated to celestial view

MOUNT WILSON, Calif. (KABC) -- The firefighters that battled for days to save the famed Mount Wilson Observatory from the raging Bobcat Fire were treated to a view of the stars over the weekend.

The observatory hosted the crew from the Ventura County Fire Department at its large telescope, bestowing them breathtaking views of our solar system.

Those at the observatory said it was just a small way to thank firefighters for their valiant efforts in repeatedly defending the historic site from the flames.

Firefighters described the work they did and said backfires were set while taking advantage of reduced winds, lower temperatures and higher humidity to carve out a containment line after flames came within 500 feet of the landmark.

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As the Bobcat Fire inched closer to the Mount Wilson Observatory earlier this week, firefighters worked around the clock to protect the historic site.

Mount Wilson Observatory played a key role in advancing 20th century astrophysics since it was founded in 1904. Mount Wilson is also home to an estimated $1 billion worth of transmission towers, a key site for TV, radio and government agencies.
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