Murder victims get a chance to 'tell' their story as investigators crack case

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Thursday, February 29, 2024

On Aug. 19, 2017, Savanna Greywind, a 22-year-old nursing assistant, was reported missing by her parents, whom she lived with in a small, multi-family apartment building in Fargo, North Dakota.

Greywind was eight months pregnant and, along with her boyfriend, was looking forward to the birth of her first child. According to her parents, when neighbor Brooke Crews knocked on the door asking for help with a sewing project and offering to pay Savannah, she figured she could put the money toward baby clothes and the nursery she was working on.

After Greywind failed to come back home to the apartment to bring her brother to work, her father Joe went upstairs to knock on Brooke Crews's door.

Crews, who was living in the apartment with her boyfriend William Hoehn, first told Joe Greywind that they needed more time to finish the work. After another hour her parents went back to Crews's apartment and say she told them their daughter left and went for a walk.

"I knew something was wrong," Norberta said in her sitdown interview for this series. It was the start of an unimaginable nightmare for the Greywinds.

Police searched Crews and Hoehn's apartment several times and found no trace of Greywind, but what they would soon discover happened would shock the nation and raise awareness of the plight of missing and murdered indigenous women.

"Me Hereafter," an ABC News Studios four-part docuseries now streaming on Hulu, will spotlight the case of Savanna Greywind and three other true crime stories spanning over 20 years with dramatic retellings of the investigation through the "voice" of the victim.

The shows also include interviews with family members, investigators and other players in each of the cases - many featuring never-before-seen footage taking you inside the chilling cases.

Greywind's story is detailed in the premiere episode, which reveals how security camera footage from an area Walmart blew the case wide open for investigators, helping them to realize the key to the case was sitting right there in the apartment complex where this all began.

The remaining "Me, Hereafter" episodes will focus on three separate murder cases.

On New Year's Eve 2019, Minneapolis police found real estate agent Monique Baugh shot to death in an alleyway and later her boyfriend shot inside their home.

The investigation would uncover a deep plot involving multiple suspects who were targeting her boyfriend and security camera footage would capture the very moment she was taken.

Kira Steger, a clothing store manager at the Mall of America in Minnesota, was reported missing by her husband Jeffery Dale Trevino on Feb. 21, 2013.

However, investigators would later determine that Trevino was hiding a dark secret and was more involved in his wife's disappearance, and ultimately murder, than he led them to believe.

Funeral director Dan O'Connell's 2002 murder inside his office shocked his family, friends and townsfolk in Hudson, Wisconsin, who said they never could have imagined the loving father being gunned down. An intern, James Ellison, was also found shot inside the office.

As investigators tried to piece together who could have targeted these men, their sleuthing led them to a Catholic priest who harbored a dark past he feared O'Connell may expose.

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