Nathan Fillion says he's self-confessed nerd, sees his dreams come true on big and small screen

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Saturday, September 25, 2021
From TV to the big screen Nathan Fillion is living his dream life
Nathan Fillion returns to the police beat for season four of 'The Rookie': Kidnapping. Chaos. Danger; the new season has it all!

HOLLYWOOD -- Nathan Fillion returns to the police beat on Sunday, September 26th, for Season four of "The Rookie." But before looking ahead, we need to remember where last season ended... a kidnapping on the bride's wedding day.

"And not even just on the wedding day, like, right before she's to walk down the aisle!" said Fillion. "That's awkward."

Kidnapping. Chaos. Danger; the new season of "The Rookie" begins on quite a dramatic note. But there is at least one warm, moving moments sprinkled into the mix. Fillion, who is also a producer, loves his cast and loves seeing their acting work when he's not involved at all!

"It's one of my favorite things because I'm not there when they're filming those parts of the show that I'm not in. So being able to watch those is very fresh for me. I wait until the, you know, the airdate and I get to--that's the first time I get a good sense of what they're all about. That way, I can really be a fan of my own show," said Fillion.

Fillion is also a fan of super heroes and super villains. The self-confessed sometimes nerd got the chance to play a bad guy in the recent film, "The Suicide Squad." As a comic book collector as a kid, he knew these characters well, including his, TDK.

"To be an adult and be living it and presenting that as a story to other people? I had a slow-motion walk towards a helicopter in super villain gear with a bunch of super villains. When am I ever going to get a chance to do that? Who gets to do that except for everybody that was there doing a slow-motion walk against a giant American flag, explosions going off, using super powers? I--I feel my heart. Why is my voice getting high?" said Fillion.

"The Rookie" returns Sunday night at 10 on ABC7.