PASS THE POPCORN: Can you rank Stephen Curry's 5 favorite arena picks?

OAKLAND, Calif. -- When Stephen Curry is not handling the basketball, you may find the Golden State Warriors superstar with a handful of popcorn.

It's no secret Curry is self-professed "popcorn addict."

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In fact, Curry is so dedicated to the crunchy snack that he decided to rank the popcorn from stadiums around the country as he travels with the NBA.

He's got a system.

Curry judges popcorn by freshness, saltiness, crunchiness, presentation and butter.

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Good Morning America did its own taste test challenge of Curry's favorite stadium snack!

Do you think you can rank Curry's top 5 spots for popcorn?

Here's Curry's list:

1. The Dallas Mavericks
2. The Brooklyn Nets
3. The Miami Heat
4. The Portland Trail Blazers
5. The Sacramento Kings

The popcorn-loving gene was possibly passed down from his father, Dell Curry, the former NBA player, who says it's still his snack of choice at his son's games.

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