New online tutoring platform helps seniors navigate brave new world of all things digital

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Friday, April 2, 2021
GetSetUp offers online tutoring for seniors
Newly created online learning and community platform is reaching out to seniors, offering tutoring and technology help to keep them connected.

LOS ANGELES (KABC) -- When you think of tutoring, you probably think of kids, or young adults. But some older folks need tutoring as well- especially when it comes to navigating the brave new world of everything-digital.

As the country continues to embrace virtual learning, work and socialization, distance has turned into isolation for so many. Especially for older adults, who may be unable to deal with new technology.

GetSetUp is a newly created online learning and community platform reaching out to seniors. Lawrence Kosick is the President and Co-founder.

"We reskill and upskill older adults who then teach other older adults, just like them, the things they need to learn to live happy, healthy, more connected lives," said Kosick.

The company trains older adults to teach their peers. GetSetUp offers more than 300 online classes. Courses in technology teach you how to work your iPhone, iPad, and Android. There are Zoom classes for beginners, and you can also learn how to create and utilize social media important to staying connected.

"Suddenly you had folks who were definitely confined at home and had to do things like order their groceries, set up the Uber app to schedule that all important appointment to the doctor, have their medication delivered," said Kosick.

And the students appreciate learning from others their age-- who they say teach with empathy and patience. Miryam Fernandez is a retired teacher and self-described lifelong learner, who hadn't heard of Zoom until the start of the pandemic.

"They're very kind. They're very patient. They're very genuinely interested in having you understand. They don't mind repeating a process," said Fernandez. "Most of the classes I've taken are for technology. But I've also taken a skin care class, a virtual tour of a museum class."

The most popular classes are health and wellness, with a variety of focuses-- from fitness, to managing stress and meditation. GetSetUp also offers professional development courses, and classes to socialize, like dance and book clubs.

Kosick says it has been a great way for seniors to make additional money teaching and for students to stay connected while distanced from loved ones.

"The magic there is, if you're trying to help someone overcome sort of fear and hesitation of technology, seeing somebody else like you, who has already done that makes it feel comfortable," said Kosick.

Closed captioning is coming soon to help those experiencing hearing loss.

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