New York City homeowner armed with bat puts out fake package to nab suspected thief

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Thursday, April 4, 2024
Man captures suspected porch pirate in Queens with trap
The man held a bat as he confronted the suspected porch pirate.

NEW YORK -- A New Yorker fed up with porch pirates targeting him and his neighbors decided to take matters into his own hands in what must be the most "New York" way possible.

Carlos Mejia of Queens got creative after falling victim to a string of package snatchings.

He put out a fake package and armed himself with a baseball bat. Sure enough, he got a nibble and reeled himself in a suspected petit larcenist.

Mejia held the snatcher there by himself until the police arrived.

He handled the situation about as well as anyone could, but authorities have always cautioned civilians from engaging a suspected criminal.

Thankfully, the suspect wasn't armed, and no one was hurt.

There is no word on what charges, if any, the suspected porch pirate might be facing.