Man discovers message in bottle from Englishman on NJ beach

LONG BEACH ISLAND, N.J. -- Vince Stango was walking with his dogs Dolce and Luka after last week's nor'easter when he spotted something strange on Long Beach Island in New Jersey. There, left behind by the violent surf, was what looked like an old liquor bottle with a note inside.

"When I first saw it I was going to pass by it. And then I thought, 'message in a bottle,' and I picked it up just to see if there was a message in there," Vince Stango said.

Sure enough, there was. Written on stationery from the Cunard Cruise Line was a curled up note that reads: "Found the bottle? Read this note? I'm Stuart. If you wish, call or mail me."

Vince Stango said he couldn't get the old song out of his head.

"This song, 'Message In A Bottle.' I mean I just thought it was interesting when I saw it was from England," he said.

His wife Shawna Stango was dying to know the story behind the message in a bottle.

"I want to know why he did it. I want to know was it just a fun thing to do or for a project," she asked.

The writer included an email address and two phone numbers in England. The Stangos have texted, emailed and tried to call. But, so far, no response.

"Hopefully Stuart will contact us, and we'll be able to resolve all the mysteries," said Vince Stango.

Whether the bottle he found floated across the Atlantic or was tossed from a cruise ship, it's a cross-continent mystery that's keeping the Stango family entertained.

"Best beach treasure we've found," said Shawna Stango.
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