SoCal Gas ordered to relocate Porter Ranch residents due to gas leak

PORTER RANCH, LOS ANGELES (KABC) -- Homeowners in Porter Ranch are getting a break from a foul odor traced to a leak in a natural gas line after local officials have stepped in to help.

The Southern California Gas Company is being directed to relocate residents while the utility fixes the leak.

Residents like Jennifer Moeller and her neighbors have been dealing with the strong odor for a month now.

"The smell is pretty potent. It's just that rotten egg smell. When you smell it you know there's something funky in the air," Moeller said.

The source of the gas leak is the Aliso Creek storage field operated by SoCal Gas.

After more than 200 complaints from area residents, the Los Angeles County Department of Public Health ordered the gas company to pay the expenses for residents who wish to leave Porter Ranch while the repair work continues.

"We just ask customers and residents who feel affected to go to, either fill out the claim form online or call the number we have there and leave their information. We check that line twice a day and we'll call them and we'll work with people to get them temporary accommodations to meet their individual needs. As well as provide reimbursement for meals and mileage," Javier Mendoza with SoCal Gas said.

The department of public health said there's no health risk from the odor, but note the smell may be causing some discomfort among residents.

The Los Angeles County Board of Supervisors has ordered the department of health and several other departments to attend a meeting on Tuesday to report on the ongoing gas leak.

The board has also requested SoCal Gas to attend the meeting to tell officials about their latest efforts to fix the leak and help nearby residents.

SoCal Gas said it does not know how long it will take to repair the leak.
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