Here's how California's 2022 budget may pay your rent, parking tickets, and get you a $600 check

SAN FRANCISCO -- Governor Gavin Newsom proposed the largest budget in California history to the state legislature Friday, here's how it could impact you.

"It's the biggest economic recovery package, period. Full stop," said Newsom.

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From shortfall to surplus

Last year, the state faced a $54.3 billion budget shortfall.

This year, California has a better problem, a $75.7 billion surplus.

The recovery package includes $100 billion proposed for California through 2022.

If approved, here's how it may help you in the short-term.

You may qualify for a $600 stimulus check

  • Part of the budget proposal includes a $12 billion tax rebate for Californians.

  • This means if you earn up to $75,000 per year you will receive at least $600 stimulus check when you file your taxes.

  • This applies to two out of every three Californians -- nearly 80% of tax filers in California.

  • You must file your taxes by Monday to receive this aid, assuming you are eligible.

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If you have a child you may receive an additional $500 (just one time, not per child).

I-10 filers, regardless of immigration status, will receive an additional $500.

"This is a good incentive to file your taxes on Monday to get a direct stimulus check if you're in that income bracket," Newsom said.

Are you a renter? Have you missed payments? You're in luck.

  • Another $2 billion is proposed to support renters - paying off past-due rent, water, and electricity bills.

  • Plus, more perks on parking tickets.

    • $300 million proposed for Traffic Fine Forgiveness

    • Low-income Californians will get any traffic ticket received during the pandemic through June 30, 2021 waived.

    • Eligibility will be determined by the state's Judicial Council.

    Aside from immediate relief, the recovery plan also includes funding to fight long-term challenges.

    • $20 billion to invest in public schools

    • $5.1 billion to tackle the state's drought, water infrastructure, and climate change

    • $12 billion to address the state's homeless crisis
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