Center Theatre Group's 'Not a Moment, But a Movement' celebrates, amplifies Black voices in the arts

L.A.'s Center Theatre Group has a mission to produce works that reflect all of Los Angeles, and find those stories that exist in the margins and bring them to the center of attention.
LOS ANGELES -- L.A.'s Center Theatre Group is staging a new series of artistic events on its digital stage. "Not a Moment, But a Movement" is a new platform celebrating and amplifying Black voices in the arts, showcasing play readings with visual artists and musicians.

Center Theatre Group Associate Artistic Director Tyrone Davis is committed to nurturing new artists.

"Not a moment but a movement the series came out during COVID. We have a mission to produce works that reflect all of Los Angeles, to bring those stories that exist in the margins, to bring them to the center," said Davis.

The first installment features a performance of playwright Angelica Chéri's one-person play "Crowndation; I Will Not Lie to David."

"To be presented with this opportunity was a gift, to feel like we're moving forward and getting back in the room, collaborating, having conversations that fuel the work," said Chéri.

"How do we replicate that feeling of being inside the theater, of live performance, and translate in this digital space? So we've been creative with ways to replicate that feeling," Davis said.

Cheri's piece is paired with the music of Jessica Lá Rel and the work of visual artist Kenyatta A.C. Hinkle. Davis says it's been a positive learning process for everyone.

"I really want folks to walk away just seeing the joy, the care that went into creating the piece," said Davis. "And I want folks to know the role the arts can, and does play, in terms of arts as a tool for change."

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