NYPD officers wade into flooded building where family was later found dead in apartment: Video

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Sunday, September 5, 2021
Video: NYPD officers wade into flooded Queens building
The NYPD released video showing officers wading into floodwater inside a Queens building as they attempted to rescue a family that lived inside.

NEW YORK -- The New York City Police Department released video showing officers wading into floodwater inside a Queens building as they worked to gain access to a basement apartment where a family of three was later found dead.

The video from one officer's body camera shows another officer first reaching into the opaque water and then dipping under the surface.

He is then quickly pulled back up by the other officer and appears to be frustrated.

The officers were attempting to get into a basement apartment at a building on 64th Street in the Woodside neighborhood Wednesday night as heavy rainfall from Hurricane Ida's remnants deluged the Tri-State and caused widespread flash flooding.

The officers were trying to rescue 50-year-old Ang Gelu Lama, 48-year-old Mingma Sherpa and their 2-year old son who lived in the apartment.

Garage collapse sends car toppling into neighboring apartments in Manhattan

A garage in Manhattan came crashing down in the height of the storm on Wednesday night. The next morning, the damage was incredible.

On Twitter, the NYPD said "locked doors, rising water level & live electricity forced the officers to call for the" New York City Fire Department.

When the Fire Department's specialized units arrived, they found the three of them dead.

A neighbor said the street floods often, and there was work underway that was supposed to fix the flooding problem.

"The purpose of the construction was to make sure this doesn't happen," a neighbor said. "They took the whole block apart, but obviously city planning didn't make it work."