OCDA releases video of 2 officer-involved shootings, says they were justified

SANTA ANA, Calif. (KABC) -- On Thursday, the Orange County District Attorney's Office released body camera video in two deadly officer-involved shootings, saying both were found to be justified.

The first incident occurred at a Fullerton therapist's office. Officers shot and killed a woman who was stabbing her former therapist.

Prosecutors say 46-year-old Katherine Brazeau had repeatedly violated a restraining order filed by the therapist.

Surveillance video shows Brazeau entering the office last May with a hunting knife in hand.

Moments later, the therapist makes a desperate 911 call. Prosecutors say Brazeau has already stabbed her once in the back.

"She's threatening the therapist, she's stabbing the therapist and she makes it clear the therapist is going to die," explained OC District Attorney Todd Spitzer.

"I've been stabbed! ...Because you don't need it anymore, because you're going to be dead," the victim and suspect are heard saying.

Fullerton police body camera video shows officers running to the scene, encountering a patient who has also called 911.

Two officers break through the door. The therapist is on her back in a chair and Brazeau is leaning over her.

Officials say she then took the knife high in the air and came down in a striking motion.

Prosecutors say officers shoot Brazeau seven times, killing her. The therapist is treated for her injuries.

The D.A. says after reviewing the facts and video, they found the officers' actions were justified.

In another case from July, 2, 2018, Santa Ana police say a suspect, who was armed with a metal rod and stakes, appeared to be breaking into cars in a parking structure.

Officers say a Taser did not work. They opened fire when the suspect continued to walk toward them.

Officials later said the suspect had drugs in his system.

The video releases are part of the D.A.'s ongoing policy of transparency.
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