Trojan football fever takes hold in OC senior living community

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Wednesday, September 20, 2023
USC spirit fights on in OC senior living community
The USC Trojans have quite the dedicated group of older fans at one senior living home in Orange County.

RANCHO MISSION VIEJO, Calif. (KABC) -- Who says retirement homes are quiet? Residents at Reata Glen in Rancho Mission Viejo know football fever knows no age limit. Especially when USC takes the field.

"We're SC fans and some of us are alumni and some of us are parents and grandparents of students and we just enjoy the football games and so we get together," said Darlene Kelly.

"Everybody participates. All the decorations, they bring their things here, the flag, different things," said Edwina Broderick.

It's like a USC Super Bowl, every Saturday.

"We have wine, peanuts, trail mix, food, beverages. We go all-out for our residents to be able to enjoy all the different amenities here at the community," said Stephanie Riggs.

Here, the fans are hardcore - and some of them have been since they were kids.

"I grew up in an SC family. My dad graduated from SC dental school in '33 and so I was raised as a Trojan and I have sorority sisters that live here," said Kelly.

They started the group back in 2021 as a casual gathering. Since then, it's grown to a weekly occasion with spreadsheets, depth charts and rosters.

"I send out a group email and let people know what time the game is and we make reservations because we have to reserve our dinners," said Broderick.

It's serious business, for some serious Trojan fans, who know how to Fight On!

"It is the camaraderie of being able to reconnect with the folks that they may have known in the past or have connections with in the past and also the love of football," said Riggs.