OC siblings' viral TikTok video, set to Taylor Swift's 'Love Story, soars to 17 million views

The siblings say they don't intend to stop making TikToks anytime soon.

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Saturday, October 17, 2020
Siblings create viral Tik Tok
One Tik Tok made by the siblings has garnered almost 17 million views. They say being creative helps them cope with being at home.

ORANGE COUNTY (KABC) -- A TikTok set to a popular remix of the song "Love Story" by Taylor Swift went viral this summer, much to the surprise of the Orange County siblings who created it.

After they were forced to move back home during the pandemic, Chapman University athlete Daniel Foldes and his sister Charlotte decided to be creative with their spare time. They put their own spin on a popular TikTok dance set to the immensely popular 2008 song "Love Story" by Taylor Swift. The TikTok now has nearly 17 million views and two million likes.

"That night, it went so viral, we were getting 5,000 likes a second, it was crazy. I wasn't ready for it," Daniel said. Daniel also makes TikToks with his Chapman teammates.

The two siblings say being creative has helped them cope with the difficulties brought on by the pandemic.

"It's my senior of high school, and obviously I can't be in class right now, so I think this is kind of a good distraction, and it's something else to do than think about that all the time," Charlotte said.

The siblings intend to keep creating TikToks videos as long as they can.

"There's not that many positives this year, and so so this is one thing that's been uplifting and advancing my life for sure," Daniel said.