Take a tour of the Oscars green room

BySandy Kenyon KABC logo
Friday, March 2, 2018
Take a behind-the-scenes tour of the Oscar green room
Entertainment reporter Sandy Kenyon takes you backstage to the Oscar green room where all the stars hang out!

LOS ANGELES -- Just steps from the Oscars stage, the green room is a sanctuary.

This elegant green room is the waiting area where stars and the presenters come just before they go onstage.

The stage is just steps away from the green room, and while presenters wait there, they can snack on cheese, relax or look at the past Oscar triumphs -- before they face millions of people.

To make sure the room remains absolutely pristine, visitors like WABC-TV entertainment reporter Sandy Kenyon needed to wear protective booties over his shoes.

It's empty now, but come Sunday, this room will be filled with activity, anxiety and lots of food!

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