Los Angeles looking at continuing outdoor dining post-pandemic

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Tuesday, June 28, 2022
Los Angeles may keep al fresco dining post-pandemic
Outdoor dining grew in popularity during the pandemic. And while some cities are now starting to limit restaurants' outdoor space, others are expanding.

LARCHMONT VILLAGE, LOS ANGELES (KABC) -- Outdoor dining has grown in popularity during the pandemic. And while some cities are now starting to limit restaurants outdoor space, others are expanding it!

"Dining outside has been one of the only ways I was able to go dine because I was not willing to go out and dine in a restaurant if I had to eat inside," said Lauren Ashley Beck.

Under the summer sun, the city of Los Angeles is doubling down.

Mayor Eric Garcetti toured Larchmont Village, where many restaurants like Vernetti, Great White and Louise's have welcomed the extra space for al fresco dining. Not to mention reduced permitting fees to help make it happen.

"For two years we said yes to outdoor dining. We are blessed with amazing weather, the best food in the world, and yet colder places with worse food were kicking our butts when it came to outdoor dining," Garcetti said.

"I think it's great for the city, great for our restaurants, and we all just want to see it continue," said Rob Serritella, owner of Louise's Trattoria.

Other cities like Manhattan Beach decided to extend their outdoor dining patios through the summer, after receiving widespread pushback on plans to take the patios down.

That change happened in Monrovia, where the city had restaurants in their downtown remove the patios in lieu of more curbside parking.

"When the pandemic hit we actually didn't even skip a beat... and now it's gone we actually miss it," said Julie Angulo.

But back in Larchmont, things are bustling.

"It's the perfect season to make something like this permanent," said Beck.