NASA creates oxygen on Mars using instrument called MOXIE

Thanks to NASA's MOXIE, humankind is one step closer to life on Mars

ByEyewitness News via KABC logo
Friday, September 2, 2022
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Humankind is one step closer to life on Mars. An instrument built by NASA called 'MOXIE,' has created oxygen on the red planet.

One thing is for sure, NASA's got MOXIE.

Like it's definition, it took both skill and drive for NASA to bring humankind one step closer to life on Mars as part of its "Mars Oxygen In-Situ Resource Utilization Experiment," also known as MOXIE.

The instrument has created oxygen on Mars as part of NASA's Perseverance Rover Mission.

Since the first tests began back in April 2021, MOXIE has produced oxygen on seven experimental runs. MOXIE hit its target of producing six grams of oxygen per hour every time.

That's just about the same rate at which a modest tree on Earth produces oxygen.

These experimental runs were successful in a variety of atmospheric conditions.