Burbank's Pablito's Tacos adds a Peruvian taste to tacos that locals love

ByWilliam Escobar KABC logo
Tuesday, April 19, 2022
Burbank's Pablito's Tacos adds Peruvian-inspired tacos
Lomo Saltado Tacos: A customer favorite filled with Peruvian tasty food influences at Pablito's Tacos in Burbank.Burbank's Pablito's Tacos adds Peruvian-inspired tacos which have become a customer favorite.

BURBANK, Calif. (KABC) -- Localish LA takes us to Burbank's Pablito's Tacos for a taste of a customer favorite.

"We kind of pitch our tacos as TJ style with a Peruvian touch," said Daniel Rodriguez, founder of Pablito's Tacos. "I love to see the customer's reaction when they first try our food."

Rodriguez says his tacos have a special taste with Asian influences and ingredients you usually find in traditional Peruvian food.

"But really what takes us to the next level is always that green sauce," said Rodriguez.

"Lomo Saltado is the best taco I've ever had," said Oscar Alcala, a resident of Lake Hughes. "Next time I come back, I'm going to be ordering those tacos."

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