'This is life.' Young photographer captures L.A. homeless community to humanize issue

LOS ANGELES (KABC) -- Inspired by his grandmother and mother, Pablo Unzueta received his first still camera in 2013 and decided to begin documenting the homeless crisis on Skid Row in Los Angeles.

"My camera allows me to define homelessness; people's pain and emotion. We're all connected, we all cry, we all feel all these different things," Unzueta said.

The young documentary photographer said he does get intimidated at times, but he lets his lens do the talking. He believes it's about respecting people's boundaries and mutual respect.

Over the last few years, the homeless community has gotten to know Unzueta, and they've allowed his camera to capture candid moments.

It's beyond simply seeing the photographs, it's about knowing the photographs, studying and understanding the personal stories behind each image.

Unzueta said he doesn't get paid to do this, it's a passion project, which he takes to heart.

"I go to bed thinking about these pictures that are going to touch people,' Unzueta expressed to ABC7's Danny Romero.

He feels it's a blessing to be able to share the stories of the homeless population in L.A. and hopes his photographs help people see this community beyond their living conditions.

To see Pablo Unzueta's incredible photography work focused on the homeless community:
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