Palos Verdes Estates landslide triggers beach closure, sparks concern ahead of weekend rain

ByJessica De Nova and staff KABC logo
Saturday, December 10, 2022
Palos Verdes Estates landslide triggers beach closure
Crews responded to Palos Verdes Estates after a large landslide that triggered a beach closure Friday morning.

PALOS VERDES ESTATES, Calif. (KABC) -- A landslide occurred in Palos Verdes Estates Friday as a large part of a cliff crumbled off a ridgeline, triggering a beach closure.

The incident was reported around 10 a.m. on Paseo Del Mar. According to the Los Angeles County Fire Department, a 200-foot piece of rock detached from a cliff and fell onto the beach below known as RAT Beach.

With significant rain expected this weekend, concerns were raised about the possibility that more of the cliffside would give way.

No injuries have been reported, but an L.A. County maintenance truck on the beach was seen partially covered by the landslide debris.

A building inspector who assesed the homes on top of the cliff has not issued evacuations for the area at the moment.