Pasadena tightens COVID-19 restrictions on businesses, activities

PASADENA, Calif. (KABC) -- The city of Pasadena, which has been less restrictive than Los Angeles County, has announced new limits on activities after inspectors caught multiple violations of COVID-19 health protocols.

Pasadena has its own health department, as does the city of Long Beach, so it is not subject to the Los Angeles County limits on dining, gatherings and other activities.

Pasadena has been less restrictive than the county - such as continuing to allow outdoor in-person dining - but that may be changing.

But Tuesday night the city announced new limits which bring it closer - but not quite in line - with the county.

Among the new rules:

  • All public and private gatherings with people outside your own household are now prohibited. Exceptions are made for religious services and protests which are constitutionally protected.

  • Outdoor dining at restaurants is still allowed - but you may only be seated with others from within your own household. Restaurants must conspicuously post this restriction.

  • Non-essential retail and personal care services are limited to 25% occupancy.

  • Pasadena health inspectors have been finding many violations of the city's COVID-19 rules, including people holding unpermitted gatherings, people in public not wearing masks and restaurants violating protocols.

    City spokesperson Lisa Derderian said inspectors found unpermitted events such as a car meet and motorcycle show, competitive soccer events with kids and families gathered and people walking in public without wearing masks.

    At the Rose Bowl Loop more than 70 people were without masks just this past Saturday alone. A handful of people even ran away from health inspectors.

    Several restaurants were also shut down for not following rules such as face shields and distance between tables after repeated warnings.
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