Everlasting legacy: Pearl Harbor survivors, veterans come together for remembrance ceremony

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Friday, December 8, 2023
Everlasting legacy: Remembering Pearl Harbor on its 82nd anniversary
Five survivors attended Thursday's commemoration at the Pearl Harbor National Memorial to honor their fallen comrades.

Thursday marks 82 years since the Japanese attack on Pearl Harbor, which launched the U.S. into World War II.

As it does each year, the National Park Service partnered with the U.S. navy to hold a commemoration.

Once again, ABC7's David Ono had the privilege of hosting the ceremony at the Pearl Harbor National Memorial.

A total of 2,403 U.S. servicemen and civilians died during the attack. Five survivors were at Thursday's ceremony, honoring their fallen comrades. Many more could not make it.

"Today's event allows us, the generation of 21st century, to recognize, honor, and give thanks to the generation of military veterans and civilians who served during World War II," said Ono during the ceremony. "Their lives and their legacy will never be forgotten."

There's no record keeping of how many Pearl Harbor survivors remain, but it is estimated to be under 100.