13-year-old dog who requires daily meds stolen from San Dimas family's home

SAN DIMAS (KABC) -- A San Dimas family is pleading for the public's help to find their stolen 13-year-old dog, Teddy, who needs seizure medicine every 12 hours.

Teddy was taken when thieves broke into the family's home on May 15.

"I really want my dog back," said Joyce Vasquez, Teddy's owner.

The sheriff's department said someone broke into the family's home, ransacked it, took personal items as well as Teddy.

The bichon frise suffers from seizures and needs to take medicine regularly.

"If he's not on his medication, he has multiple seizures, and that means he's totally disoriented, and he doesn't know where he is and what he's doing," Vasquez said. "If he has multiple seizures, it takes several days for him to get back to normal."

Teddy was wearing a royal blue harness with ID tags. He also has a microchip.

"I kept searching for Teddy but I just couldn't find him. He was gone," said Vasquez.

If you have any information about Teddy's whereabouts, you're urged to call the San Dimas sheriff's station at (909) 450-2700.

"If you love animals, then you know how important a furbaby is to anybody. So we're hoping, if you have him, return him. If you see him, call," said Deputy Wally Bracks with the Los Angeles County Sheriff's Department.

"Please, please turn him into a shelter. We miss him greatly," Vasquez said. "I've had him since he was a puppy. He always greets me when I come home. I just, I want my dog back."

There is a chance that Teddy followed the burglar out the door and simple wandered off. Sheriff's officials said they're not concerned about anything else that was taken. They simply want to see Teddy make it back home.
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