Caught on camera: Thief stuffs python up his shirt

DERBY, Kn. -- It's something seen countless times on surveillance footage of robberies: The thief looks around to make sure no one is watching, then hides the loot away under some clothing.

In this case, though, that loot is a giant snake.

A video posted last week by the Tails & Scales pet shop shows a bearded white male in late Dec. approaching the reptile case, pulling out the container with a rare white, blue-eyed leucistic ball python, looking around and then fumbling to get the snake inside his clothing. He then continues to pretend to shop.

The video is going viral, with more than 45,000 views between the two versions the store posted.

Customers of the store who spoke to KAKE were amazed at the robber's actions and worried about the snake.

"That person had to had guts (sic)," said customer Sarah Sontag of Haysville. "II do hope the pet, or the snake, is able to make a great home."

The snake, born last summer, is worth about $600.

The store encourages anyone with information to contact them. They said they will not press charges if the snake is returned in good health.
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