DWP cat rescue causes upset in Sunland

SUNLAND-TUJUNGA, LOS ANGELES (KABC) -- Some residents in a Sunland neighborhood are outraged with the way a DWP worker handled a cat during a rescue.

The cat had reportedly been stuck on a power pole for three days.

In the video, the DWP worker stopped his lift bucket about 20 feet in the air and dropped the cat to the ground.

The cat then ran away.

A woman who was waiting below to try and rescue the cat, was unable to do so.

Later in the video, the worker can clearly be heard saying the cat was clawing him and that's why he dropped it, and a woman is heard thanking him for his service.

But, a couple who were eyewitnesses to the incident say they got a form to file a complaint about the cat dropping incident.

In a statement, the DWP said: "The crew member was trying to help rescue a stranded cat. The cat was scratching him and in concern for his safety he dropped the cat which appeared to be unharmed."

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