Top 7 funny, adorable animal stories of 2016

LOS ANGELES (KABC) -- It's been another year filled with animal stories, from a family of bears taking a dip in Lake Tahoe to baby bald eagles. Take a look back at our top seven stories of 2016.

7. Panda climbs atop a snowman

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Da Mao the panda had a blast knocking the head off his snowman pal after the Toronto Zoo saw its first snowfall.

Da Mao the panda enjoyed playtime by knocking the head off a snowman after the Toronto Zoo had its first snowfall.

The panda is part of a serious breeding program, and he's been paired up with a female in the hopes the two will create a baby.

6. Two litters of mountain lion kittens born in Santa Susana Mountains
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National Park Service researchers discovered two litters of mountain lion kittens in the Eastern Santa Susana Mountains.

In July, National Park Service researchers found two litters of mountain lion kittens in the Santa Susana Mountains.

Researches even captured video of the kittens meowing and being curious in their dens.

The kittens were then ear tagged so researchers could continue to track them. The tiny cats are the 10th and 11th litters of kittens marked by the NPS at a den site.

5. Cat builds itself an igloo

Boots the cat dug himself a mini igloo after a blizzard dropped over a foot of snow in Colorado.

Adam Stevens

A cat named Boots had an adorable way to stay warm after a blizzard in Colorado - he built a mini igloo.

Boots' owner, photojournalist Adam Stevens, recorded footage of his pal digging the igloo. The blizzard dropped more than a foot of snow across the state.

4. Frogs' mating sounds annoy Beverly Hills neighborhood
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A species of tropical frog is invading Southern California, and its screeching cry is not music to the ears of its suffering neighbors.

A species of tropical frog, known as coqui, invaded Southern California in March, causing quite a disturbance for residents in Beverly Hills.

The frogs are native to Puerto Rico. They emit a squeaking sound that is part of their mating ritual, according to researchers.

Scientists believe the tiny frogs made their way to the Southland because of their size. A 1-day-old coqui frog is smaller than the size of an adult fingernail, which means they could easily hide in plants.

3. Dog reunites with owner after being lost at sea
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Luna fell overboard from a boat in the Pacific Ocean off the Southern California coast in February. She was presumed to have drowned at sea, until she reappeared a month later on San Clemente Island.

A man was reunited with his 1-year-old German shepherd named Luna in March, more than a month after she fell overboard into the ocean.

The man, Nick Howarth, presumed his beloved pet was dead, but she was eventually spotted on San Clemente Island, a Navy-owned training base near San Diego.

Staff arriving for work on the island spotted something unusual and that's when Luna was rescued. Howarth was contacted and soon reunited with his best friend. She even got a special dog tag from the Navy.

2. Bald eagles born on Channel Islands

A new bald eagle parent feeds its two eaglets after they hatched just a day apart at the National Arboretum in Washington D.C. Sunday, March 20, 2016.

A mother bald eagle hatched two eaglets at the National Arboretum in Washington D.C. earlier this year.

The proud eagle parents, named Mr. President and The First Lady, fed both newborns hours after they hatched. A livestream was also launched of the eagle family and it had been viewed millions of times.

The public also voted on naming the eaglets, with the names Freedom and Liberty winning.

1. Family of bears take a dip at Lake Tahoe
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A family of bears was spotted frolicking in the waters of Lake Tahoe recently as beachgoers enjoyed the sight from a safe distance.

Three bears frolicked in the waters of Lake Tahoe in August, when temperatures were getting pretty warm.

The incident was captured on video as many people were out enjoying the warm weather. Beachgoers and kayakers kept a safe distance from the trio of bears as they enjoyed their short dip.

The bear family eventually went back to the woods.
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