Pulitzer-winning photographer captures stunning images of migrants at border as Title 42 ends

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Saturday, May 13, 2023
As Title 42 ends, heartbreaking stories documented in images at border
Not all migrants at the border come from Central or South America. Some originated from Russia, Jordan, India, Africa, and even China.Exclusive: Pulitzer-winning photographer Nick Ut captured these stunning images of migrants gathered at the border as Title 42 ends.

LOS ANGELES (KABC) -- Pulitzer-Prize winning photographer Nick Ut has spent recent days at the Arizona-Mexico border, documenting the mass of humanity hoping to enter the United States as Title 42 ends.

There are thousands of people, each of them with incredible stories.

When they arrive at the border, the infamous wall stands in their way. Some opt to simply scale it, hauling their luggage right over the barbed wire.

Not all come from Central or South America. Some that Nick encountered originated from Russia, Jordan, India, Pakistan, Africa, and even China.

Nick Ut

The heartbreaking part is the children. Little kids have embarked with their parents on this exhausting, dangerous global trek to an uncertain future. Many are so small and tired, they are carried to the border.

But even surviving the journey to the border, they know they remain in a precarious position - thus the shirt worn by one man pleading "Biden, please let us in."

For a look at Nick Ut's photos provided exclusively to ABC7, please watch the video above.