'Pitch Perfect' star Anna Camp tackles tough role about dying with dignity in new movie 'Here Awhile'

'Pitch Perfect' star Anna Camp changes her tune and steps outside of her comfort zone to tackle a tough role about dying with dignity in the new movie 'Here Awhile'.
GLENDALE -- Actress Anna Camp made a name for herself with the "Pitch Perfect" franchise. Joe Lo Truglio appeared in two of the three films. Now, both stars step out of their comfort zones to star in a movie with a very serious theme.

In "Here Awhile," Camp plays a woman dying of cancer. She makes the choice to use Oregon's Death with Dignity Act to end her life when she believes it's time.

"If people are moved and affected by this movie and they have started a conversation about end-of-life choices, I think that we've done a great job," said Camp.

Steven Strait plays her estranged brother. He looks out for his next door neighbor, Gary, played by Lo Truglio, a guy who faces a few challenges of his own.

"Gary's very direct so his lack of a filter allows him to kind of speak very directly and honestly," said Lo Truglio. "He provides levity and humor but more importantly, it's kind of a gentle soul who is very, very honest with the harsh reality of passing."

It may be a different kind of role for Camp; she says she was excited to do something different... and very meaningful.

"And I hope that people see this movie and watch it with an open heart and an open mind and know that it might not be right for them but if it is right for someone to have that last bit of control to leave this world with grace and dignity, they should have every right to do it," said Camp.

"Here Awhile" is available now, on demand.
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