Exclusive: Burglars break into Placentia home, steal cash and spray paint dog

A Placentia family is devastated after burglars ransacked their home, tearing the house apart and leaving an odd mark on the family pet.

"This is a bad experience," Henry Wu said as he described the burglary on Friday.

Wu says the crooks knew what they were doing. They jumped a fence and avoided the security cameras.

"They really know how to hide. They go very low... passing all the cameras."

The burglars broke a sliding glass door and entered the home, avoiding the security system. They turned off the internet and spent an hour inside tearing everything apart.

"In all the rooms, I have cameras but they come in and they took the internet off so everything... no pictures," Wu added.

The burglars sprayed black paint over security cameras. They even sprayed their dogs, leaving the poor pets helpless as the burglars ransacked the house.

"That is unusual and I'm not entirely sure what the suspect's intentions were other than maybe to disorient or incapacitate the dogs," said Sgt. Bryce Angel with the Placentia Police Department.

Wu says the good news is his dogs so far are OK.

He says the crooks took thousands of dollars in cash and jewelry. He and his wife own a restaurant in Anaheim and they believe the crooks knew their schedule.

"They target us. They're not only targeting me, but they're targeting all the restaurant owners," says Wu.

"Some of these business owners do keep large amounts of cash on hand or in their home so it is a possibility that they were followed to their home or at least surveilled," Angel added.

Investigators are looking at surveillance video from other homes in the neighborhood and they're asking for anyone with information about this incident to call the Placentia Police Department.

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