Woman playing Pokemon Go finds body in river

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Monday, July 11, 2016
Woman finds body while playing Pokemon Go
A woman says she was looking for Pokemon when she stumbled upon a body

RIVERTON, Wyo. -- Shayla Wiggins was only looking for Pokemon but never expected a new app might lead her to find a body.

"I woke up this morning and I wanted to go get a water Pokemon, so I just got up and went for my little walk, a walk to catch Pokemon," Wiggins told KCWY.

Instead, the enthusiastic Pokemon Go user found a body lying face down in a river.

Wiggins says she was "really scared" and called 911.

"They told me to wait up at the highway for a police officer," Wiggins said.

Fremont County Sheriff's Department Undersheriff Ryan Lee said the body of an adult male was found face down in the water.

The Pokemon Go app allows players to catch creatures in real life terrains using a smartphone. In this case, Wiggins was under the bridge searching for a water-dwelling Pokemon when she found the body.

Wiggins said the gruesome find, however, will not deter her from playing again.

"I might go get a water Pokemon," Wiggins said. "I'm going to try."