Group on e-bikes set off illegal fireworks in crowded tourist area of Hermosa Beach

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Tuesday, June 11, 2024
Illegal fireworks set off in Hermosa Beach near popular visitor zone
The fireworks lit up the night sky and sent people running as they went off Saturday night in Hermosa Beach near a crowd.

HERMOSA BEACH, Calif. (KABC) -- The fireworks lit up the night sky and sent people running. Saturday night in Hermosa Beach a group on e-bikes launched illegal fireworks into the crowd.

John Fahmy says he was hit as he tried to get away

"I definitely felt multiple particles hit the back of my head and my ears. I was traumatized, I was shocked as soon as the explosion happened," says Fahmy.

He captured the scene with a camera on his bike. The area where it occurred is lined with shops and restaurants.

"I think that's almost as close as shooting a gun," said one visitor from Atlanta.

Reek Havok, who lives here, says "That's just ridiculous. It's very dangerous. I can't imagine what's going through their mind and what they're accomplishing, and I don't think they understand what the impact is of what they're doing."

The city is trying to regulate E-bikes which are growing in popularity in these beach communities. Last month police say a group of young teens allegedly rode recklessly rode through the area causing damage to the Pier and a mural.

Investigators identified the suspect through video surveillance. The city council voted to adopt an urgency ordinance to regulate the use of electric and motorized bicycles.

Gary Schmidt, who is also visiting the area, says "Bikes, skateboards sometimes can be intimidating to people but the idea of actually vandalizing, harassing people with fireworks - I think it's unacceptable. The police really need to do something about it."

Police say some of the juveniles allegedly involved in Saturday night's incident were detained and released.

"I didn't know it could cause that kind of explosion, that kind of force it could be dangerous. People could lose body parts or eyesight or hearing," says Fahmy.

And that video is being used by police in their investigation. Anyone with information about what happened is asked to call the Hermosa Beach Police Department.