'The Lion King' roars into Hollywood Bowl for special celebration

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Thursday, May 16, 2024
'The Lion King' roars into Hollywood Bowl
"The Lion King" celebrates a special anniversary at the iconic Hollywood Bowl with an all-star cast. The special will also air on Disney+.

LOS ANGELES -- "The Lion King" is turning 30 and a special anniversary calls for a special celebration. It's getting just that with "Disney's The Lion King 30th Anniversary - A Live-to-Film Concert Event" on May 24 and May 25 at the Hollywood Bowl.

Attendees will get to see the movie with a live orchestra performing the score, conducted by Sarah Hicks. Hicks told On The Red Carpet "The Lion King" is one of her favorite movies, so this is a thrill for her. The excitement is something she hopes the audience feels as well.

"If you've never seen a live-to-film concert before, this is the one to come to. If you see a film and hear that music live, it ups the ante, it makes it so much more exciting and so much more emotional," Hicks said.

Broadway star Heather Headley and Tony Award winner Lebo M join "Lion King" franchise originals Billy Eichner, Bradley Gibson, Ernie Sabella, Jason Weaver, Jeremy Irons, Nathan Lane and special guest Jennifer Hudson on some immersive performances. North West, Kim Kardashian's daughter, will make her Hollywood Bowl debut.

Costume designer Marina Tobiyana said she pulled inspiration for the performances from all the "Lion King" iterations over the years.

"It's nice to have a blueprint," Tobiyana told On the Red Carpet. "For us it's more so providing our version of it, how do we bring the animals to life in an artistic way?"

Marina created mood boards to map out every costume to get the colors and textures just right.

"All the costumes tell stories so for me this is a celebration. "What we're really trying to achieve here is till this incredible visual that will excite the audience," Tobiyana explained.

"It really does come down (to), what are we bringing to life? What are we bringing to stage? And what will people leave feeling? And that's why we put in so much work."

Tickets for "Disney's The Lion King 30th Anniversary - A Live-to-Film Concert Event" on May 24 and May 25 are on sale now.

Both nights are being filmed for "The Lion King at the Hollywood Bowl," an original special to air on Disney+.

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