Van Nuys restaurant Sweet Blessings keeps soul food alive during tough times

Customers are still supporting Sweet Blessings and glad that they've opened up shop again after a recent attempted break in.
VAN NUYS, LOS ANGELES (KABC) -- Sweet Blessings is an eclectic soul food restaurant in the San Fernando Valley.

Despite the current times, customers are still supporting this local business and glad that they've opened up shop again after a recent attempted break in.

"We were afraid that you know, it would be worse than what it was. We were lucky it was just the door and not all the windows and glass broken everywhere," said Ronald Cyler, co-owner of Sweet Blessings.

The Cyler family moved to Los Angeles from Jacksonville, Florida, so that their youngest son could pursue his dream of becoming an actor in Hollywood.

"We came out here for him to pursue his dream and he encouraged me to pursue mine. So that's where we are now," said Katina Cyler, founder and owner of Sweet Blessings.

They started off as a stand in the La Fiesta Swap Meet in North Hollywood in 2018, where they started to grow some loyal customers.

"I smelled their chicken...the chicken and gumbo that they had. And I ordered up immediately," said loyal customer Darius Porter.

Once they opened their restaurant in 2019 in Van Nuys, Porter kept coming for more.

"My go to...oh my the two-piece fried chicken, the macaroni cheese, the fried brussels sprouts with a sweet tea on the side," said Elijah Coccetti, who also found out about Sweet Blessings when they were at the swap meet.

The family-owned business is excited to be open again, and they want all of their customers to feel one thing.

"That they came home, yeah, because that's our motto. We want you to feel like you're coming home, as if you were going to your grandmother's house to eat," said Ronald Cyler.

For those who decide to visit Sweet Blessings from now until July 1, 2020 you can get 10% off your entire order as a part of our "Be Localish" initiative.

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