Family-owned restaurant in Burbank feeling impact of coronavirus pandemic, still serving neighborhood

Burbank. CA (KABC) -- The Tallyrand in Burbank has been around for 61 years, and is the city's oldest family-owned restaurant. But they, like everyone else, are down to take-out orders only amid the coronavirus pandemic.

Their staff has been cut by nearly 80 percent.

They remain open, however, with a reduced staff for the moment, trying to help loyal customers and employees.

Owner Karen Ross says the restaurant is not making much money right now, but they're really there to support Burbank, and be there for the neighborhood. She says business is's a tough time. They are trying to dig deep, and keep employees working.

Their staff, though, is down from fifty-eight employees to a crew of twelve.

The Tallyrand is still paying their employees, but many restaurants are not able to do the same.

Some are seeing just 10% to 15% of the income that they normally get.
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