Ridgecrest earthquake: Trona working to restore water service, rebuild roads

TRONA, Calif. (KABC) -- Running water service is still out for most residents of Trona, hard hit by last week's earthquakes.

But local and state officials and nonprofits like the Red Cross continue working hard to bring relief to the area and restore services.

At a town hall Wednesday morning at Trona High School, families were given hot meals, bottled water and ice, and information about ongoing repair work. Representatives from county and state agencies, utility companies and road repair agencies were all there to provide updates on the ongoing work.

"The question that I have gotten the most is how long is the shelter going to be open," said Georgia Duncan with the American Red Cross. "The shelter is going to be open until you guys don't need it anymore."

Repair crews have been working 24 hours a day and expect to have at least some water service restored by Wednesday night.

Residents said they were grateful for the assistance.

Trona resident Carl Bates said his water tank has run out. "But we have a lot of bottled water being sent in to us. Everybody's been donating quite a bit to our community. So that helps us. We're staying alive with drinking water."
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