Rolling Hills teens arraigned for attack posted online

LOS ANGELES (KABC) -- A fight video posted on social media has now landed two Rolling Hills teens in court facing serious felonies.

Korey Oscar Benjamin Streeter and Alexander Declan Bell-Wilson are accused of second degree robbery for the theft of a cellphone and assault likely to produce great bodily injury.

The victim, identified as 18-year-old Edgar Jose Ceron Rios, is seen on the ground getting pummeled, kicked and at one point is told to strip down.

A family member has told investigators that Rios has autism. The prosecutor says she cannot comment on any medical diagnosis or whether it could become a component in the case.

Supporters of the defendants, who are both 18, say they acted in defense of a girl.

Streeter and Bell-Wilson pleaded not guilty.

Defense attorney Richard Beada says the video has incited backlash against Bell-Wilson's parents. Specifically Rolling Hills councilman Patrick Wilson has received "mean emails."

There was no comment Wednesday from the dad or the defendant who is out on an $80,000 bond. The other defendant, Streeter, was handcuffed and remanded to custody until his family can also post bond.

The video has riled members of the upscale Palos Verdes community. A group of demonstrators gathered outside the Torrance courthouse with posters to condemn bullying. They noted that many others participated in the attack or watched without intervening or calling police.

"It was really sad. I could only see it for two seconds without coming to tears," said Colleen Gonzales of Rolling Hills.

Investigators say juveniles who were involved in the March 22 attack at the Peninsula mall parking lot may also face charges.

The victim has told friends on social media that he has suffered injuries to his kidneys.

The court imposed a protective order Wednesday. The defendants are to stay away from the victim and the mall.
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