Spectators from across the world enjoy closeup look at 2023 Rose Parade float showcase in Pasadena

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Wednesday, January 4, 2023
Spectators enjoy close-up look at 2023 Rose Parade float showcase
The Tournament of Roses hosted the 2023 Floatfest showcase for spectators to enjoy close-up of floats.

PASADENA, Calif. (KABC) -- Spectators from near and far like Indonesia, Costa Rica and Reno, Nevada enjoyed the after-party for America's New Year celebration in Pasadena at Floatfest.

"We love it. It is a dream come true," said May Sumante from Indonesia.

Floatfest is a two-mile-long showcase of the floats from the 134th Rose Parade.

"It's our first time ... every year we see it on TV," said Nory Gress who was visiting from Costa Rica with her daughter Norianne.

"It is really cool. I really like it to see all the different flowers and designs," said Norianne.

Pasadena closed the streets around Pasadena High School to host the showcase that included 43 masterpiece floats decked out in a variety of seeds, fruits, flowers and more.

"It's a small community in a sense and so since people from all over the world [are here] this I really like," said Sylvia Salas from Pasadena. "It's really interesting and exciting."

Floats that received awards include the Sierra Madre float with its jumping papa bear on a bike, NASCAR celebrating its 75th anniversary and the city of Downey with its honeycomb arch bee float.

"I think it's time I get to spend with my family away from work I would probably say that would be the best of all and see the creations," said Nicholas Harden from Reno, Nevada.

After the showcase ends, the floats' metal framing will be stored away to use again next year and most of the natural items will be recycled like for composting.

The last day of Floatfest was Tuesday, Jan. 3.

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