Rubidoux fountain business struggling at usually busy time due to drought

RUBIDOUX, RIVERSIDE COUNTY (KABC) -- It's supposed to be the busiest time of the year at San Juan Fountains in Rubidoux, but with California entering its fourth drought year this local business has seen the demand for decorative fountains plummet.

With Californians so intent on saving water, owner Ana Enriquez says fountains aren't exactly a hot item. Consequently, they've had to lay off almost all of their workers.

Due to the downturn in business, they're offering big discounts just to stay afloat.

Enriquez says they've even tried to sell the business, but there's just no interest. Like every other Californian, they can't wait for the drought to end and for business to return.

Watch Rob McMillan's report in the video above.
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