Russian restaurant owner in San Diego reports threats, bad reviews over Ukraine crisis staff KABC logo
Tuesday, March 1, 2022
SoCal Russian restaurant owner reports threats over Ukraine crisis
The Armenian owner of Pushkin Russian Restaurant says people have been leaving 1-star reviews online, falsely claiming the restaurant supports the Ukraine invasion.

SAN DIEGO (KABC) -- With the conflict intensifying in Ukraine, a Russian restaurant in downtown San Diego says it's been receiving threats.

The owner of Pushkin Russian Restaurant says people have also been leaving 1-star reviews online saying the restaurant supports the invasion.

The owner - who is Armenian - says that's not true and half his workers are Ukrainian.

"It bothers me mostly because it's the other way around," restaurant owner Ike Gazaryan said. "I've donated money to the Ukrainian cause. I've given money to my employees to send to their parents in Ukraine."

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The owner says the threats have gotten progressively worse over the last few days, with some even threatening to blow up the restaurant.

"We proudly have our employees wear Ukrainian flags, paintings on their face, Gazaryan said. "We're all for this war to end as soon as possible."