Ryan Reynolds and Rob McElhenney are rebuilding struggling team in new series, 'Welcome to Wrexham'

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Tuesday, August 23, 2022
Ryan Reynolds and Rob McElhenney rebuild team in 'Welcome to Wrexham'
The new docu-series brings viewers on the journey of watching Ryan Reynolds and Rob McElhenney become the new owners of a struggling soccer team from North Wales.

Ryan "Deadpool" Reynolds and Rob "It's Always Sunny in Philadelphia" McElhenney have spent much of their careers making us laugh.

McElhenney had this idea to do something different, but he couldn't do it alone. So he decided to give Reynolds a call.

What happens after that plays out in the new docu-series, "Welcome to Wrexham."

"Wrexham is a town that battles against odds constantly, but the thing that we love more than anything is the football club," it states in the promo.

The football club is in a working-class town in North Wales, and it happens to be struggling.

Rob McElhenney had an idea, so he asked Ryan Reynolds (someone he'd never met) if he'd like to go in with him and buy the club. The rest is history.

Suddenly, The Red Dragons, the oldest football club in all of Wales, are their team. Being two inexperienced owners, they are working hard for their athletes and for the community committed to the team.

Now, we're a part of the journey with them in the new FX docu-series, "Welcome to Wrexham!"

"It's pretty riveting," Reynolds said. "I mean, that town and community is one of the most, you know, beautiful epicenters of heartbreak and hope that I've ever been around."

The Red Dragons have a community around them that are devoted to this football club.

"Yeah, that's something that we really wanted to make sure that the documentary was leaning heavily into," McElhenney said. "And that's our intention: to show people that even if they don't think that they're a fan of football or even a fan of sports that we can get them invested in the story."

Reynolds says he likes to build things and with McElhenney, the two are trying to construct something new for this beloved old team and for the community that comes with it.

"It was just friggin' insane to go and buy or co-own it, a football club, at this level," Reynolds said.

However, he doesn't regret doing it one bit.

"It's really about those people and the personalities in that community who live and die with this club," he said.

"Welcome to Wrexham" premieres Aug. 23 on FX and Aug. 24 on Hulu.