San Bernardino approves nearly $9 million to repair some of the city's most damaged roads

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Thursday, April 4, 2024
San Bernardino approves nearly $9 million to repair local roads
The city of San Bernardino recently approved nearly $9 million to rehabilitate and repave some of the city's worst roadways.

SAN BERNARDINO, Calif. (KABC) -- Recent storms in Southern California have caused plenty of potholes on local streets, and now the city of San Bernardino is about to start a massive project to repave and repair the worst roadways.

Victoria Perez said her street is pocked with potholes, and while she tries to avoid the worst ones it doesn't always work out.

"I just had to get my car fixed about two days ago," she said.

She said she hit a pothole, which broke her car's axel and resulted in a costly repair.

But she may not have to worry much longer about dodging future road hazards on her way to and from home.

The city of San Bernardino recently approved nearly $9 million to rehabilitate and repave some of the city's worst roadways.

"The five and a half miles will be everything from just resurfacing to actually grinding, clearing and creating a whole new road," city spokesperson Jeff Kraus said.

On the list of 21 streets slated for the revamp is 13th Street.

"This was something that's been in the works for a while, but everybody has noticed when you get as much rain as we did this past winter and the previous winter, potholes come up everywhere and people say 'OK the condition of our roads needs to be worked on,'" Kraus said.

The project will take six months to complete, but that's just the start. The city will conduct a new survey to update and assess additional streets in need of repair.

The road repairs will begin May 1.

Streets that are scheduled to be repaired are:

- 13th Street from Waterman Avenue to Sierra Way

- 16th Street from Sierra Way to Mt. View Avenue

- 27th Street from Davidson Avenue to Little Mountain Drive

- 2nd Street from Lena Road to Tippecanoe Avenue

- 33rd Street from E Street to H Street

- 35th Street from Mountain View Avenue to Belle Street

- 43rd Street from Sepulveda Avenue to East End

- 6th Street from Meridian Avenue to Pepper Avenue

- Alameda Street from Rialto Avenue to Newport Avenue

- Belleview Street from Mt. Vernon Avenue to K Street

- Business Center Drive from Hospitality Lane to Commerce Center

- Dallas Avenue from Spruce Street to Etiwanda Avenue

- Guthrie Street from Pacific Street to Sunrise Lane

- H Street from Highland Avenue to 27th Street

- Oak Street from Arrowhead Avenue to E Street

- Oak Street from K Street to Eureka Avenue

- Ohio Avenue from Palm Avenue to Olive Avenue

- Sonora Drive from Ralston Avenue to Palmyra Drive

- Tamarisk Avenue from Atchison Street to South End

- Temple Street from Medical Center Drive to End

- Vanderbilt Way from Waterman Avenue to Carnegie Drive